Lake Orta

Enclosed by the hills and mountains of the surrounding valleys, Lake Orta appears as a small and precious stone set into a beautiful jewel. A location to be discovered, with an antique appeal, well preserved amidst its medieval town. Indulge in these atmospheres, where romanticism seems to be present in every alley, behind every corner like in the mysterious and charming Orta and its Island of San Giulio.

A few examples:

Villa Pestalozza – Miasino – Lake Orta

A marvellous villa, a lot of history made of tales of long gone times and incredible adventures. A luxuriant and fascinating park, a breathtaking view on Lake Orta, the Sacred Mount and the Walk of Love … all this is “Villa Pestalozza”.

The owner, Donna Giulia, will welcome you with her elegance making you feel comfortable and feeling as if this was your countryside residence on your best day.


Palazzo Penotti Ubertini – Orta San Giulio – Lake Orta

Palazzo Penotti Ubertini rises at the centre of the Medieval town of Orta san Giulio. Located on the “salita della Motta”, left of the Assunta parish, it is the ideal location – elegant and exclusive – to host weddings, events, photo shootings, fashion shows, exhibitions, presentations, gala dinners with catering or meetings. It features an imposing facade with relaxed neo-classic style.

Connected to the main hall, where we can find a beautiful Austrian piano and antique weapons, there are the various halls, each of them stands out for the floors and decorated coffered ceilings. Another feature of this building is represented by its fireplaces: unforgettable is one in white marble. In the small northern hall we find another fireplace, dating back to the sixteenth century, with the Visconti coat of arms and the motto “a bon fin” on the right.


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